Twitter button share counter broken?

OpenShareCount can used to fix that...

Twitter about to close their 'count' api

About OpenShareCount

So long and thanks for all the fish!

OpenShareCount is no longer operational due to changes at Twitter.

(Pictured: the changes at Twitter)

What was OpenShareCount?

Twitter’s share buttons used to have a share counter in them. , Twitter changed the look of their buttons and removed the share count along with the unofficial and undocumented API endpoint that powered it. Many third-party tweet buttons that used to display share counts stopped working.

In a blog post Twitter suggested that people who still want to know the number of shares for their articles should use the Twitter’s REST API to obtain the share counts by counting the results. For many users this is not feasible because of the technical complexity involved.

OpenShareCount aimed to make this process a little simpler by providing a drop-in replacement for the old, undocumented and unofficial API endpoint that all the existing official and non-official share buttons were using. For people using Twitter's default button, OpenShareCount provided a bubble with a counter to place next to it.

The OpenShareCount project was built by Lead Stories LLC and is not affiliated, endorsed or in any other way connected with Twitter.